Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The winter's must haves!

My theory of the winter’s must haves!
The theory is based on the practicality of the everyday style with pieces that are easily combined, comfortable while at the same time cool and fashionable, giving various style effects.

#1        Shoes: the sneakers
Adidas Stan Smith! Definitely the best choice I believe. After their great comeback the past spring season I remembered why I liked those shoes so much many years back when I was in school (!) Either in their characteristic green classic back color or customized, I think it’s worthwhile to like them once again this much and maybe even more. 

#2        Trousers: the leather pants
Preferable in black color another passé partout, all day / night long item. Casual in the day and chic rock whatever in the night! Goes perfectly with sneakers, boots, high heels, oversized sweaters, t-shirts and cardigans, white shirts and black sequined tops.
Either in the skinny version or in the edgier wide version.

 Skinny and wide leather pants by Zara

#3        Bag: the back pack
After a loooong time I will go back to school voluntarily with the back pack bag choice. Apart from being the lately fashion-statement-it bag, this bag is surely a refreshing design, after the too large bags, which is also very chic and convenient at the same time. From the legendary Chanel to Zara, several designers have created their own back pack! 

Fringed or not from Topshop

Quilted or printed from Zara

#4        Coat: the faux fur coat
The favorite choice for winter! Rock-chic, as seen on favorite fashion icon Kate Moss, or messy, grunge, chic as seen on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but strictly faux for me. Day to night, casual, sport, evening etc, gives different effects and it completes an outfit by giving it this extra something.

Leopard faux fur coat from Topshop

Faux light pink and leopard respectively from Zara

Black & white faux fur coat from H&M

In grey faux fur coat from Asos

Faux fur grey shades from Rachel Zoe, at Polyvore

Sources: Asos, H&M, Topshop, Zara, Polyvore, streetstyle,Tumblr

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