Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fashion trends: to do or not to do

One thing that fashion does is that it –the people behind it- create the trends that most people follow in order to feel “in fashion” and acceptable by the rest. Although I don’t totally agree with the term I understand the normal brainwash since afterwards and above all comes the personality. Meaning it is up to the person that follows one trend how or when to adopt it according to the character and the personal style.
So, I keep the trends i like and feel comfortable with. Otherwise if you don’t (feel comfortable) you won’t be able to support it. It’s not something new, but many times we are confused by what other people wear or by what other people think or say, so we must stick with what we want, what we like and what we feel like doing, wearing etc.
It happened to me once more with the new trend of the "Birkenstock like sandals" which many favorite fashionistas wear. It is definitely the kind of shoes that a few years back would be characterized as “granny shoes”, I remember mine at least wearing them, or “orthopedic” due to their anatomic-like sole shape, and are the kind that men surely hate since are not sexy at all! However, I like them a lot and have even found them very sexy at some fashion bloggers!

Now the dilemma was to get or not to get…
Still don’t know, sure thing is that the ones I tried on at Zara were the least awful at my feet but maybe it was just this design that wasn’t flattering for me, so the search is on again! 

And remember that “fashion is what you are offered 4 times a year, style is what you pick out of that fashion”.
Lauren Hutton

The Birkenstock

 Steve Madden 

Giambattista Valli


Nefeli and...
...Natalia from twinfashionblog


And some alternatives from Zara

(Sources, images via internet, twinfashionblog, and Zara)