Monday, September 29, 2014

Scarves & foulards

Accessories are another major favorite in fashion.
Whether is jewelry, bags, belts etc, accessories can be fun and practical as well!
This winter however, will be the ideal season to play with scarves and foulards.
Many ideas and ways of how to wear them in order to give another vibe to our outfits but most importantly to boost our creativity and have fun!

On wrist like bracelet 

On waist like belt

Around neck for a classic or modern vibe

 On top of clothes and belted

Wrap around even on top of coats, or hooded and turbans to add warmth and style

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top on Top: master the layers

One thing i enjoy a lot in style is layering. 
Combining many pieces together, one top of the other makes me feel comfortable, creative and me!
The "art" of layering i feel that it reveals a person's aesthetics and cannot be so easily "coppied". It can either flatter or unflatter a silhouette if not combined appropriately as the proportions must be in such a way and according to a person's natural physics in order to seem effortless and chic. 
Perfect examples: Christine Centenera and Maja Wyh!
Admire and get inspired by their unique sense of style.

Christine Centenera

Maja Wyh