Thursday, April 4, 2013

fashion recycle

It’s not new that fashion as many things recycles…
Twice a year, spring and winter time, I do a wardrobe “laundry” in order to decide what to give and what to keep of clothes and shoes.  
I tend to keep clothes and shoes for mostly sentimental reasons or just because I liked them too much or because they cost too much! In general, if I have spent a lot in something I see it as an investment – meaning that it will be useful in practical terms,  be able to wear it a lot and that it is durable!
This is what I call a (my) classic one – whether it’s clothing, accessory, bag or shoe, or how much it cost – the one that will be either forever or for a long period in my closet, and i will be able to "pull" it out at any time. Usually the 4ever in my closet and my favorite ones are those that are related to specific periods and therefore have become a part of me since I am emotionally attached to them. And even though people around me tell me to give them away since they are out of fashion and probably won’t wear them again, I refuse to. I put them in a place and I know that they are there. 
However, it is in these past few years that I discovered the extent to which fashion comes and goes around. 

So some years ago I wore again my 1995(!) All-stars...

last year my 1996! all black Superga...

and my 1995! New balance...

...this spring I will wear my 1996! grey keds!

The Jean jacket - another “classic” item, as it is or in new styles: boyfriend style as a vest and my favorite distressed! You may DIY if you have the know-how

the all time classic jean jacket: levi's 

Levi's Sleeveless Longline Trucker Jacket, and oversized Denim Boyfriend Jacket With Rips And Bleach Detail, both by Asos

The Rayban
Few to say about Raybans which are to me the best investment as far as sunglasses is concerned, wayfarers and aviators which even in times when are not so “in fashion” can be considered as kind of retro.

The Nike Millennium are as well what I consider all-time “classics” in silver or gold, which I think are more versatile than other colors.