Thursday, March 14, 2013

the skull phenomenon

Skull has been one of my favorite signs for years, even though lately (past few years), we have seen it everywhere, on everyone, in everything and as whatever...
I still love it...and i quess that when we really like something, we like it even when is it not "in fashion"

Handmade earrings with semi precious gems by my friend Danae, they are much better live, couldn't manage to get a better photo 

Wildfox Love Bones Baggy White Jumper at thetrendboutique

Skull candle at Zara Home

King Baby Studio earrings at zappos

Another favorite in jewllery are the claws-bracelets which are not "everywhere" yet as the skulls...
Pamela Love silver talon cuff at bonadrag

...i haven't found yet a more affordable   

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