Sunday, February 17, 2013


Street style by Harpers Bazaar, spotted the new street style trends for spring 2013: 

1. White heels
                                     Giovanna Battaglia                                                     Carine Roitfeld
 Miroslava Duma
On the left white pointed heels from Asos and on the right white leather stilettos by Mango
White pointed heels with straps from Zara

2. The chic sweatshirt 
On the streets the new sweatshirt version for a sporty, chic look, and on the right Miroslava Duma!

All by Pullandbear

3. Pop of blue or just Blue
On the streets a pop of blue: mirrored sunglasses and a bag!
Total blue by Miroslava Duma

Bag, heels and trousers all by Zara for a pop of color!

4. Prints and animal prints
Geometry, colors, total or not, prints!
Animal prints: snake, lizard, leopard, zebra etc in combined colors, skirts, blazers, shirts, accessories!

Print leggings by Stradivarius

Dress, shirt and trousers by Zara

Animal prints in skirt, heels and bag, all Zara!

5. Motor style leather jacket
In different lengths for different outcome, and in other colors such as green on the right above Acne!
By Zara

By Mango

6. Sheer
Sheer on the streets combined with leather, wool, jackets this extra chic and feminine touch!
Sheer shirts by Mango (above) and Zara (bellow)

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